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Welp I'm getting off this

Dog claims victory

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Steve Carlsberg celebrating with near Cecil after getting rid of Kevin

Welcome to Night Vale 2 year anniversary live show

Best face ever

I just want to point out this is very rapey

my subconscious likes me

So I had a dream about jesse cox last night. And before you say anything no it was not a wet dream. Neither him nor I would appreciate that since we like the ladies haha. anywho this is how it went. I was helping somebody move to a new house when all of a sudden I see Jesse chase after some kids in his yard. Seeing that he is a celebrity I run up over to him and shake his hand saying that it is an honor to finally see him. He said “yeah sure that’s good but could you help me with these dang kids?” I agreed and we both chased them off of his yard. He was grateful but then they came back and started stealing his things. We both caught them and Jesse told them that they can keep his things if they just steal his douchebag neighbor’s over for him and that he would keep it. That’s all I can remember but I thought it was worth mentioning 8P

about the only heroic thing he does in the entire season. poor Arcs

about the only heroic thing he does in the entire season. poor Arcs

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if you don’t think Penny is the most adorable character in RWBY you’re wrong and we can never be friends

probably one of my favorite characters besides Nora and both of them don’t get enough screen time!


so did i ever tell you guys that even after six or seven months after reading twist and shout that i still think about it and almost cry in public

i was talking to a guy i work with, and he was talking about his girlfriend, and he calls her ‘my girl’ in conversation

and then i was like, “why is this familiar?’ and then i realized that’s what dean screamed after he realized cas was dead

"that’s my boy!"

/cries in corner

not sure when this is. been trying to find a clip of it


petition to get misha’s sex hair back 



and i will try to fix you | supernatural

If you can watch this without dissolving into a puddle on the floor then you’re hardcore because I found this and I just can’t stop crying. It’s so sad and so beautiful.

I didn’t cry to this but I do admit it’s hard seeing a lot of your fav characters dieing over and over an stuffs

philosophy of beating the CRAP out of procrastination

So this might be just because I’m crazy and all that good stuff but I propose that in order to do well in college or in any crazed environment where ya need to do a thousand things to get a good result, is to treat it like it’s a video game. You can list out objectives and mini objectives in order to complete a quest or in order to beat the tentacle monster that is final projects. Now the reason why I think it’s best to compare it to a video game is because in a video game you have to complete the objective in order to progress and what not. Now that may not be the case for everything which is why there are flaws in my theory. Nonetheless this is how I’m going to treat school like for now and if it works great and if not I’ll just play some bioshock infinite.